AI writing and SEO: does AI-generated content affect it?

AI writing and SEO: does AI-generated content affect it?

AI writing tools have a lot of benefits. They can generate content from your inputted keywords within seconds. Since SEO includes writing based on keywords, the questions are: Can AI writing be used for SEO purposes? If so, how? Does it affect SEO positively or negatively? This article aims to answer these considerations.

Firstly, we need to understand what SEO is. SEO, Search Engine Optimization, is the process that helps the website rank higher in organic Google search. This is achieved by implementing a mix of SEO strategies: creating content with keywords for the website itself (internal SEO), creating content that includes the link to the website for external sources (external SEO), optimizing the website (technical SEO), and optimizing the location (local SEO). When it comes to content creation, this content needs to be unique (not copy-pasted), useful, interesting, and natural-sounding, but at the same time include keywords. Copies full of keywords that are written just for search engines are not ranked higher. So, you must write for humans, not search engines. Only this content is considered valuable and rand ranks higher. 

At first, using AI-generated content was considered bad for SEO. Google stated that AI-generated copies are spam, and it affects SEO negatively. Later, the company announced that not all AI content is seen as spammy trash – if it is generated for humans, it is allowed. Basically, it means, that AI writing can positively affect search results.

However, it has to meet some requirements. It has to be original and useful, this means, written for humans. So, humans often need to edit the copies and add some emotions, and unique ideas. Such content can boost your SEO. Content that is clearly generated for search engines tends to affect the results negatively, and it is still relevant today. The negative effect can also happen with human-written content. To sum up, it does not matter to Google if the content is AI-generated or human-written as long as it is relevant. 

How to use AI-generated content for SEO?

Incorporating AI writing tools into your SEO strategy can be a good idea. But it really depends on how you are using them. AI-generated content is SEO-friendly, and it is one of the benefits of it. But usually, you cannot trust AI solely. Here are some tips on how to use AI writing in SEO:

  • Let AI writing tools generate some trending and relevant keywords. Keywords are the most important part of SEO. They are needed in every way, no matter if you use AI or not. AI tools can provide relevant keywords;
  • AI writing tools can support your writing with the most suitable meta tags, descriptions and etc. Meta descriptions are short texts that say users what to expect on the site. They must be precise and informative, so AI writing can help
  • AI writing can generate outlines and headings. They are a big help for human writers to speed up the process
  • AI writing can provide more content. For SEO, it is highly important to have a lot of content. Examples are blog posts. So, you can easily achieve this with AI writing.